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About Cuba

Cuba is located in the Caribbean and is the largest island among the set to the south of Florida and centered between Haiti and Jamaica.

Although Cuba was largely closed to tourism since the 1950’s, in the 1990’s it reopened its doors with many people from Canada and Europe choosing to visit beach locations such as Holguin and Varadero.

Most tourists choose to stay in hotel resorts in tourist regions but those who want an authentic taste of the island life can also choose to rent rooms known as casas paticulares that Cuban homeowners provide for extra income.
During a stay in Cuba tourists can expect to find relatively traditional amenities although depending on the location Cuba does suffer from electrical shortages so outages should be anticipated. Outlets in Cuba are generally 110 volts and 220 volts.

The most popular Cuban cities include Havana where most of the reputable Cuban nightlife is found, and the Cuba beach cities of Baracoa, Veradero, and Santiago de Cuba. For historical architecture the cities of Trinidad and Santa Clara are also popular for tourists.
Other popular Cuba tourist locations include the nudist beaches of Cayo Largo, and the Cuban beaches of Jadines del Rey and Isle de la Juventud found to the South of Havana.

Cuba also has many National Parks that appeal to tourists including the Cuban national park systems of Vinales which is the most popular with caves and mountains and the Parque Allejandro de Humboldt which is about 40 km away from Baracoa that offers plenty of walking trails although it is technically located in Guantanamo.
Most countries including the UK require that you have a Cuba tourist visa card before boarding a plan to Cuba. The card is good for a thirty day visit and those attempting to travel without it will be denied a boarding pass.

When you leave Cuba you will also be required to pay a departure tax that must be paid in CUC 25 cash. Many tourists are not aware of the tax which leads to problems when it comes time to leave because airport ATMs are not reliable.

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