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Cuba’s "Capital of Humor"

Among the names by which we know the city of San Antonio de los Banos, in addition to the Villa de Ariguanabo, is the Villa del Humor or Capital of Cuba Capital of HumorHumor. This city has always witnessed native wit and is home to two major Cuban comedians:  Eduardo Abela and Rene de la Nuez, respectively creators of The Bobo and The Loquito, two of the most important figures of Cuban political humor.

The Bobo became the most popular opponent of the dictatorship of Gerardo Machado in Cuba and El Loquito was a form of indisputable political humor during the years of struggle against the dictatorship of Fulgencio Batista.

Another great was Jose Luis Posada better known as “Posada Gallego” who became an Asturian and who taught his work as a political cartoonist and graphic artist in various fields of art.  He was a true son of the village ariguanabense.   As of March 17th 1979, the city houses the Museum of Humor and hosts the International Biennial of Humor.
Museo del Humor
The Humor Museum occupies an old neoclassical mansion. This institution contains a long tradition of Cuban graphic humor. The celebration at the rooms of 12 international biennials of humor enabled it to have more than 10,000 originals, more than 40 countries, in different genres, and various media techniques, which enrich and expand their wealth. There are four rooms that show the historical evolution of Cuban humor, from colonial times to the present. It also has two transitional rooms hosting personal exhibitions, thematic, commemorative and national competitions.

The most caricatured character at the Museum is the Guayabero pseudonym the singer and composer Faustino Oramas, the king of double meaning in Cuban music, one of the leading representatives of humor.  But national figures not only attracted the attention of staff who work the caricature. It also has the Museum of Humor with a picture of Juan Luis Guerra, known in all continents through its famous bachata.

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